Serizawa Kogyo is the OEM company. We are manufacturing from single parts to product line. In the product line, we can conduct whole manufacturing process such as design, canning processing, machanical processing, painting/coating, and assembly. We have single window to customer so that we can reduce customer's management cost.
We have various kinds of equipment for realizing integrated manufacturing process. We can conduct analysis of manufacturing process, process control, delivery management, and material procurement based on our longtime experience and achievement. We can flexibly change the specification if customer needed because of our one-stop process.

system of integrated production

We manufacture industrial machinery in a wide range of fieldes.

We can build industrial machinery customer needs to order. We can take customer's order if they doesn't have drawing and concrete specifications. If customer has them, we can conduct detailed design based on them, and we can also take reproduction of existing products.

industrial machinery


We will cope regardless of machine size.

We can manage large-size material at most 6,500mm of X axis. We have two factories which have 10 ton clane in each so that we can handle heavy materials. We can manufacturing any size of industrial machinery from small size to large.

assembly factory


We will anser your desired delivery date.

We apply manufacturing control system which covers whole process such as sales, production, procurement, and management of technology. This system visualizes whole process so that we can conduct accurate manufacturing control and shorten delivery time.

manufacturing control system


We will repair and improve existing facilities.

We can conduct not only production of manufacturing machinery but also changing specification of existing equipment in order to repair and refinement. We can also design and processing of spair parts taking advantage of our integrated manufacturing.


We have a relationship with relable companies.

We can prepare manufacturing capability for whole process in collaborating with our technical-proven manufacturing partners.


We put effort into the technology transfer.

We are struggling how we can take over the know-how and techniques of our senior engineers for younger generation. We hold the workshops for freshers so that they can learn skill and know-how from senior engineers. We believe that skill-up for younger engineers leads them good working oppotunities and brushes up our technologies and quality.


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